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Post by dannyboy on Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:23 am

Here from an 'anti',are views on abduction,burglary or kidnap.

' Here is another theory; or two or three or four.
Start Point: Most, well many, things are possible but the question of probable vs improbable is never far away.

The Pre-planned Snatch Theory
Any pre-planned snatch will have a similar framework cum activity list including but not limited to as we say.

The theory is contingent on certain items being a given i.e.:
1 There was abduction.
2 Abduction was commissioned by a rich type who specifically wanted MBM.
3 MBM was a heavy sleeper witness GM and MO both entering and leaving the apartment without awakening her, according to their statements.
4 According to the timeline drawn up by T9 there were two 10 minute slots after 21:15 when abduction could be effected.

Expressed in the first person with names for ease of identification, following the plot and it’s more fun that way.

Here we go then:

I am the contractor:
I am approached in the usual way by an intermediary with the usual hypothetical tale.” A certain person wishes to receive a young person to form part of their family it is said you may know how this may be effected and could put me in touch with etc…………”. I agree to meet a few hours later. I agree to meet after a bit of mucking about checking credentials etc. So a deal is agreed 50% fee up front 50% fee on completion paid into a numbered account. That is 50% in my bank before I even roll out of bed. The fee is mega nay giga-high based on the risk and potential sentencing for kidnap. I have the option to call it off at any time no fuss no muss returning the fee deposit less reasonable expenses.

What ? Kidnap a nominated female child aged about four years.
Where? Luz
When ? Between 28th April 2007 and 5th May 2007
Who ? In house staffing; [bearing in mind the potential repercussions keep staffing to a minimum. No bought in resources as they have an inherent failing, to whit: they can be bought but the unknown is how long they will remain bought. We don’t have enough time for a good bit of coercion/blackmail].
Self + Dolores + Chandler (maybe ?).
How? Target timing: 3 days reccy; 1 day preparation, 1 day execution. Tight!
Equipment: First pass: 2 burner phones, pick locks,1 holiday rental car from a big name company preferably a small hatchback. Two rolls of tape and a slack handful of cable ties. Fabric sling bag and fleece with OC logo for D. Overnight bag and associated bits for me. If Chandler is used he will need a car but it will be arranged by him. Chandler will also arrange his own burner phone. Selection of low level disguises to alter superficial GISS.

Reconnaissance and Preparation

• Reccy done by me and D out as a couple [no one takes too much notice of a pretty bloody average M&F couple wandering about a holiday resort; dress unobtrusively but similar to most other tourists of same age group as us]. Low level disguises. D with dark hair plus extensions me with unremarkable tosh and as usual I will be using several different styles of spectacles as I consider them a fashion accessory as well as a necessity. Chosen correctly, frame styles will alter the perceived shape of the face and head.
• During the reccy we note:
1. The parents dine with their friends in the evening leaving the subject in an unsecured apartment.
2. The rear patio door is not secured allowing entrance to be effected by anyone. But there is a faff with child security gates and full drapes.
3. Front door ? It can be dead bolted or latched but there is no way of knowing which has been done at any time. Our best guess is it left latched only.
4. We are conversant with the lock type having the ability and tools to pick the lock if necessary.
5. There is an ad hoc system of checking on the children by the parents during the dining period.
6. The dining period is consistently in excess of two hours usually starting around 20:30.
7. A check is made on the child routinely at 21:00 after which the checks appear random rather than timed.
8. The windows to the apartment are shuttered. The shutters are not for security as they are not fitted with hasps staples and locks. Our knowledge of roller shutters tells us they can be raised from the outside but cannot be maintained in the raised position unless wedged.
9. Effecting entry via the shutters presupposes the window behind the shutter has been left open.
10. We consider effecting entrance via the shuttered window to be fraught with potential problems any one of which will leave us exposed so reject the idea.
11. The resort has a protocol for reporting missing children the timescale of which will give us, we estimate 1 hour from the time the subject is found to be missing plus response time by the police say 75 minutes top whack.
12. Working on the assumption the police will operate on the normal ripples on the pond principle they will begin searching close in working outwards. They may however alert the border post at the Guardiana Bridge so going into Spain by road will be a risk from the timing aspect.
13. We decide to go east as that is the obvious choice giving the opportunity for double bluff if the police think we will not do it!

• The client is alerted, via the intermediary, the drop off will be at Santa Luzia waterfront. The act of drop off concludes the contract. Drive time 75 minutes.
• D and I decide having Chandler along is a good backstop move.
• Chandler is in and will arrange his own burner phone and car.
• I rent a typical holiday hatchback from the Europcar desk at Faro Airport for a two day hire arranging the drop to be at Vila Real Santo Antonio.
• I arrange a single hotel room in Vila Real Santo Antonio.
• Check train times VRSA to Faro and Tavira to Faro.
• The car rentals will be effected using bent IDs and credit card accounts.
Action Plan
• The snatch will be made between 21:15 and 21:50
• Chandler will park up in Luz and walk round to car park in front of 5A
• D and I are parked up reversed in, motor running. Average M & F holiday couple in average holiday rental car just leaving or just returning.
• The default position is AOK. The burner phones will only be used if there is a need to abort. If used the phones will be wiped disassembled wearing nodder gloves, then scattered.
• Chandler walks by front of 5A turns right and downhill past apartment side entrance. D follows wearing fleece with OC logo and sling bag.
• C and D both have sight AOK. C walks to OC Reception D enters apartment by patio door.
• D effects snatch using tape and cable ties as required. Leaves through front door if only latched.
• If dead bolted and key not present, D makes decision to either pick lock or leave via patio doors.
• Chandler has entered OC reception to obtain leaflets on whatever comes to mind hanging around long enough to check no one is heading toward apartment side entrance.
• On agreed time out duration Chandler continues downhill returns to his car and is in the wind.
• D returns to car with child and we head to Santa Luzia.
• Effect handover.
• D dropped off in Tavira to catch train west using cash for ticket.
• I continue to VRSA and check into hotel.
• I return the car following day and catch the train to Faro.
• All three of us return to wherever independently, meeting up afterward only when essential.

[I'll refrain from detailing the other snatch theory where the subject winds up in the lawless hinterland but alot of it will be common to above].

The Burglary Which Has Gone Wrong Theory:

• Sentence for burglary if caught and convicted 5 years ish
• Sentence for kidnap if caught and convicted 20 years ish
On that basis why would any burglar take a child instead of the easily negotiable goods and cash he went in for? Bearing in mind ca 80% of burglaries remain unsolved but a kidnapping?
The burglary has gone wrong and on the way in and out (unless the exit route was out front) the burglar makes time to reinstate doors gates and drapes……..was he under some kind of contractual reinstatement clause?

The Random Snatch Theory.

• I’ll just pop in here to see if there is a child ………
Close. '

On the bungled burglary alone,having experienced that extremely unpleasant experience twice in my life and seen on TV and from people I know the effect this has,I have yet to see a burglary which leaves no trace. Burglars look for the easiest way in, e.g. an open door.


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Post by Admin2 on Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:44 am

The burglary theory sucks. It makes no sense.

Now abduction, why wait until a family went on holiday and in a resort ?

Why not in the home country ?

As to the other lunatic theories of some of the supporters..............

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