The case of the defaced/torn down posters 2009

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The  case of the defaced/torn down posters 2009 Empty The case of the defaced/torn down posters 2009

Post by Grom on Fri Dec 08, 2017 12:43 pm

On Monday 23rd March 2009 Gerry McCann announced in his blog that;

Over the next couple of weeks in the Lagos and Luz areas residents will see posters, billboards and advertisements, leaflets will be distributed in towns and local markets and there will also be a mailing sent to local homes appealing for help.It should be stressed that any information given will be treated with the utmost confidence.

In the same blog entry he refers to the 'reduction in media reporting' and attaches a pdf document of the press release about their new campaign, which the media duly reported. It's worth reading the reports because despite Gerry's blog entry Clarence Mitchell is reported as playing catch-up by one report;

Secrecy. The authorship of the campaign was shrouded in mystery for a few hours. On Tuesday morning, the couple's spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, couldn't recognise the campaign and attributed the initiative to a group of people who volunteered for the cause. But during the afternoon, the couple emitted a press note in which it assumed the initiative.
24 Horas 26th March.

On the same day the Telegraph reported;

Vandals have targeted Madeleine McCann posters put up in the Algarve resort where she disappeared as part of a new appeal for clues.

So the campaign was announced on 23rd and by 26th the vandals had, apparently, been at work. This seems to have caused much outrage and direct action by McCann supporters;

They made it their business to inform and complain to all the UK newspapers and the Portuguese authorities about these vandals. This, of course, did absolutely nothing to improve relations between the McCanns and the Portuguese people;

Torn posters and shredded lives

So Clarence knew nothing about it, despite being their media/spokesman. So was it a McCann initiative or one taken by the supporters?


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